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shadows & hollyhock

inspired by Gaston Bachelard


In a quaint hamlet, resided Gaston Bachelard, a blending philosopher and poet, immersed in the mystique of existence. Stirred by zephyr-like contemplations, he reveled in the depths of imagination.


Encountering an ethereal symphony, Gaston surrendered to its harmonious allure, as if the cosmos had orchestrated it solely for him. Compelled by the enchantment, he transformed his philosophical musings into the elusive language of music, seeking to guide others on an audial journey within their own minds.


Immersed in this artistic exploration, Gaston unraveled music theory's tapestry, weaving compositions that captured his philosophical essence and the intangible beauty of the world. His opus, "Shadows & Hollyhock," unveiled facets of his philosophical odyssey—a whispering breeze revealing universal secrets, a cascading river embodying time's flow, or distant star echoes mirroring boundless dreams.


Gaston Bachelard transcended conventions, illuminating the intricate connection between music, philosophy, and the human spirit. His melodies murmured wisdom, guiding listeners on a profound expedition of introspection and wonder.

1. bewray

2. cup-shaped blooms

3. pollen baskets

4. Gaston Bachelard

5. fixed-wing flight

6. house at 8A

7. nest architecture 

F I N D   Y O U R   M U S I C

The library has songs written specifically for use in film & television projects. License existing material, customize or request a custom score.

Mark Andrushko is a multifaceted artist with a diverse creative portfolio ranging from music composition to film production. 

With a discography of 6 CDs released under the name Delicate Noise, Mark has demonstrated his prowess as a skilled composer. His music has been featured on popular TV shows like Solved, Investigation X, and Hardcover Mysteries, showcasing his ability to create evocative soundscapes that enhance storytelling.

In addition to his music career, Mark has also made significant contributions to the world of film. As the CEO of Scriptapalooza, an international screenplay competition, he has been instrumental in nurturing and promoting emerging screenwriting talent. He has produced a number of feature films and short films, including CLOSE YOUR EYES, ROBB'S PROBLEM, TICS, NAKED, PASSAGE, and THE GIRL IN THE POLKA DOT DRESS.

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shadows & hollyhock

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